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LTL cargoes transportation to/from Ireland

What is LTL transportation of cargoes?

LTL transportation of cargoes is a type of cargo transportation where cargoes of two or more customers are transported in one truck. By choosing this type of transportation, we help our customers save on transportation costs because not all truck is ordered, but only the space necessary for a particular cargo, so this is the most popular and cheapest way today to deliver the cargo these days. We recommend this type of transportation for all our customers whose cargoes are smaller than full truck.

Cargo transportation from Ireland

From Ireland, targeted departures are carried out at scheduled time; therefore, transit time is stable and guaranteed. Cargoes from Ireland are delivered through the company’s terminal in Vilnius, and from it reach other cities. Small and LTL cargoes in Lithuania are distributed in 24 hours. We also transport dangerous cargoes (ADR), and, at the customer’s request, we have the opportunity to offer an additional insurance for transported cargo (for the full value of the cargo). Customs intermediaries, working in the ‘Continexus’ team will take care of prompt clearance of export declarations related to the customs clearance of carried cargoes and also will advise on customs intermediary matters.
Each week, 1-2 trailers with consolidated loads move in the directions of this country and the flow of cargoes is constantly growing due to qualitative provision of services.
We are a team of young professionals who are focused on the best result so our services are the most attractive to your business and meet the highest demands of the market.

Cargo transportation to Ireland

Each day of the week, small cargoes are collected from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to Ireland and from Ireland to the Baltic States. In the Baltic States, they are collected very expeditiously; and, while delivered, distribution is performed within 24 hours. Cargoes from Vilnius are grouped and sorted to be delivered to the UK. We leave Lithuania at the end of each week and the standard transit time is only 3-4 days.

Provided services:

  • Every day of the week, we collect LTL cargoes in any region.
  • Departure 2 times a week with consolidated loads from/to Ireland.
  • Additional insurance of expensive cargoes
  • We transport cargoes with export declarations;
  • We can pick up cargoes from the consignor with trucks equipped with lifting devices.
  • Transportation of ADR cargoes.
  • Competitive prices and reliable delivery time
  • ‘Express’ collection and delivery (24-48 hours).

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      The company Continexus , UAB, actively transports small, part, fully loaded and oversized cargo by land transport from / to Western Europe into / from the terminal in Vilnius as the main distribution terminal, where the goods are sorted and shipped to the customer's door or loaded to other country outbound cars. We have permanent cargo transportation lines to the following countries: