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LTL cargoes transportation to/from Switzerland

One of the services provided by ‘CONTINEXUS’ is transportation of LTL and full truckload shipping (FTL) from Switzerland and to it. We are professional in our field able to offer flexible conditions for cargo transportation. Switzerland is characterized by strong machinery, chemicals, cars, metals, agricultural production and textile industry; therefore, in case of a large need of the customers, we constantly offer transportation to and from this country. We offer our customers especially qualitative and responsible transportation of cargoes of various sizes: small packages, non-standard cargoes and cargoes which transportation requires limitations applicable to dangerous cargoes (ADR).

All cargoes transported in the direction Switzerland-Lithuania-Switzerland are transported by tilt trailers and road trains.  Upon individual inquiry of the customer, we can offer transportation of cargoes by vehicles having a temperature-control. All transportation, carried out by ‘CONTINEXUS’, is guaranteed by qualitative services without burdening your, customer’s, work. For your convenience we can offer all customs procedures, warehousing of your cargo and local distribution which lasts less than 24 hours.
Depending on your request, we can offer a very fast delivery both from and to Switzerland. We offer cargo transportation by minibuses which guarantee very quick transportation of cargo. ‘CONTINEXUS’ will help you achieve better results in your work and will surely offer competitive prices for the transportation of cargo.


Cargo transportation from Switzerland

Our company from Switzerland every week to Lithuania forms several vehicles which, loaded with LTL cargoes, go to the major cities of Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas). In Switzerland, collection of cargoes is carried out on the daily basis, so we are flexible to offer the best transit time. Thanks to our partners in Switzerland, we can offer daily collection; we can pick up cargoes from the consignor with vehicles equipped with lifting devices.  We offer our customers to prepare the accompanying documents and other customs formalities. Cargoes are distributed and prepared for delivery in Lithuanian warehouses. Duration of distribution in Lithuania is not more than 24 hours.  We deliver cargoes to the door of the consignee, so we ensure maximum comfort of cargo transportation.

Our goal is to provide the highest level services of cargo transportation so you will never have problems due to transportation of specific cargo.  We offer transportation of different types of cargoes – from single boxes to oversized cargo pallets. We guarantee that your cargo will be collected even from the remotest regions of Switzerland. We are a company that pays special attention to our customers, so we will always be pleased to provide you with all information.

Cargo transportation to Switzerland

Our carried out transportation from the Baltic States to Switzerland are carried out every week.  The cargoes are collected on the daily basis, so we will take care that your cargo will be taken at your convenient time. In Lithuania, cargoes are collected within 24 hours, In the neighbouring Baltic States – up to 48 hours.

Vehicles loaded with LTL cargoes leave warehouse in Vilnius and go to the terminal in Switzerland. Experienced drivers and transport in good working order will ensure qualitative delivery of cargo to the door of the consignee. In order to achieve the best results, ‘CONTINEXUS’ takes care of the opportunity to offer the most suitable delivery time, so we will adapt to you by offering the best price and transit time.


Provided services:

  • Every day of the week, we collect LTL cargoes in any region.
  • Additional insurance of expensive cargoes.
  • We transport cargoes with export declarations.
  • We can pick up cargoes from the consignor with trucks equipped with lifting devices.
  • – Transportation of ADR cargoes.
  • Competitive prices and reliable delivery time.

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      The company Continexus , UAB, actively transports small, part, fully loaded and oversized cargo by land transport from / to Western Europe into / from the terminal in Vilnius as the main distribution terminal, where the goods are sorted and shipped to the customer's door or loaded to other country outbound cars. We have permanent cargo transportation lines to the following countries: