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Transportation of partial cargoes to / from Ukraine

Daily partial cargoes in the direction Ukraine – Lithuania are collected through terminals from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia to Ukraine and from Ukraine to the Baltic and other countries. We also arrange urgent deliveries to / from major Ukrainian cities

Transportation of goods from Ukraine.

Cargoes are collected from all regions of Ukraine 2-3 times a week. Transportation of goods from Ukraine to Lithuania (Kaunas, Vilnius) takes 2-5 days. When sending partial cargoes from Ukraine, departure is scheduled at the specified time, therefore transit time from Lithuania is stable and guaranteed, and the professional team of Continexus always plans and controls cargo transportation.

We also transport dangerous goods (ADR), and at the client’s request we can offer additional insurance for goods transported (for the total value of the cargo). Customs brokers of the Continexus team are responsible for handling prompt export declarations related to the customs formalities for the goods transported, as well as providing advice on customs brokerage matters.

Every week in the direction of this country, 1-2 trailers with a combined load are sent, and the quality of goods is constantly growing due to quality services.

We are a team of young professionals focusing on the best result, so the services provided are most appealing to your business and meet the high level of market needs.


Transportation of goods to Ukraine

We provide door-to-door delivery, so you can be absolutely calm for the safety of your cargo, as we deliver goods to: Kiev, Lvov, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities and customs terminals. The transit time from Lithuania takes 2-5 days. We leave Lithuania twice a week so the delivery is possible the same week.

Service features:

  • Every day of the week we collect partial cargoes in any region.
  • Departure 2 times a week with combined cargo to / from Ukraine.
  • Additional insurance for valuable cargoes.
  • We transport goods with export declarations.
  • We can collect the cargo from the sender’s car with a cargo lift.
  • ADR Cargo Transportation.
  • Competitive prices and reliable delivery time.
  • Express shipments and delivery (24-48 hours).

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      The company Continexus , UAB, actively transports small, part, fully loaded and oversized cargo by land transport from / to Western Europe into / from the terminal in Vilnius as the main distribution terminal, where the goods are sorted and shipped to the customer's door or loaded to other country outbound cars. We have permanent cargo transportation lines to the following countries: