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Our values

Our mission is to be a reliable partner for effective cooperation and long-term partnership. We base our activities on the core values ​​of responsibility, ambition, loyalty and respect towards the client


Every day we are growing and we are always ready to achieve the best result possible, helping our customers to maximize revenue. We are ready to provide the highest quality services and make decisions that exceed not only the expectations of our customers but also the opportunities of our competitors.


Being responsible - means ensuring the smooth service. We are reliable to carry out the tasks entrusted to us. We guarantee the professionalism of our employees, therefore all of our services are carried out with care and responsibility. We are always ready to answer and help with any question you may have.


Being loyal is the value of our company. We are loyal to each of our clients, we keep the word given and never leave you with questions.


We understand and respect the diversity of our employees, partners and their needs, and ensure their open and constructive communication based on mutual trust basis.

Our achievements

Over 20 years of experience, honesty and high standards, Continexus, UAB has gained a reputation and has proven to be a reliable logistics partner in the freight transport market.


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Our destinations

The company Continexus , UAB, actively transports small, part, fully loaded and oversized cargo by land transport from / to Western Europe into / from the terminal in Vilnius as the main distribution terminal, where the goods are sorted and shipped to the customer's door or loaded to other country outbound cars. We have permanent cargo transportation lines to the following countries: