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Warehousing, distribution and sorting of all types of cargoes.

Goods and cargoes are stored in the modern warehouse in Vilnius.

We store the customers’ cargoes in the cargo distribution and warehousing complex built in 2018 with an area of more than 2500 sq. m. Comfortable paved access to the warehouses and convenient geographical location in Vilnius make it possible to accept a large amount of transport and cargo flow.

Based on the needs of the customers, we can store, pack or repack, stick labels for the required product. We guarantee that all cargoes entrusted to ‘Continexus’ will be stored safely, professionally and in accordance with all requirements. The warehouses are equipped with fire, smoke and heat sensor system that meets the fire safety and environmental requirements, and the security of cargo and trucks is ensured by 24-hour surveillance cameras, equipped in the territory of warehouse complex and security department.

The premises of the warehouse complex are heated and comfortably designed, so that the warehousing arrangement of customer’s cargo would be suitable both for short-term and long-term storage. Skilled and experienced staff working in the center carefully maintains the process in order to ensure, that cargoes are not damaged during unloading and loading.

Providing high-quality services – the reason, customers trust us since 2000:

  • Warehousing of goods;
  • Loading and unloading of cargoes;
  • Services of vehicle parking in the video monitored area;
  • Packing of cargoes, marking by labels;
  • Complex customs warehouse services, sorting of cargoes and preparation for further transportation;
  • Services of customs intermediary;
  • Consultations on issues related with formalities of customs.

Separate division of customs intermediary specialists operates on customs warehouses.

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Our destinations

The company Continexus, UAB, actively transports small, part, fully loaded and oversized cargo by land transport from / to Western Europe into / from the terminal in Vilnius as the main distribution terminal, where the goods are sorted and shipped to the customer's door or loaded to other country outbound cars. We have permanent cargo transportation lines to the following countries:

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